Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. For us, as teachers, our daily work involves institutionalized teaching and learning in relation to a curriculum but we can’t forget that any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. It’s here where our Erasmus+ project fits, preparing students for life as active citizens.

This is the blog specially created for the ERASMUS+ project called It's my life, it's my choice Here there are the 5 EUROPEAN schools working together in this challenger adventure:

1- The Coordinating school: LAUDIO BHI from Laudio (SPAIN)
2.- GROTIUSCOLLEGE, Delft (The Netherlands)
3.- NORGARDENSKOLAN, Uddevalla (Sweden)
5.- LYCEE AORAI, Pirae (French Polynesia)

Thursday, 27 October 2016

The President of BUBISHER, MR LIMAN BOICHA, thanks our collaboration to build a new library in the refugee campsites in TINDOUF (Algeria)

Next October,2016, if everything goes fine, we will search for the most convenient site to build Bubisher Library at Dajla. By the time, the library-bus will have arrived. This bus will be driven to all its schools and neighbourhoods to announce all the children and youths that human right, that of reading, the same as that of education, health or decent housing, is theirs. Those youths´ homes tumbled down and their adobe walls just turned into mud one year back, when, all of a sudden, it started pouring down in Sahara like it had not rained in the last 25 years. Dajla is the furthest camp, the least inhabited, the one which has suffered exile´s scourge the hardest. The most loved, though. Those who still live there feel they are Dajlians, have a group spirit, love their poor landscape, stand against so much adversity. And Bubisher´s library will become, if everything works out all right, their common room, a place for pleasure, in a  camp that lacks bars, lacks everything which does not serve to the most immediate survival.

Some months back, when we paid you a visit, we suggested you embrace each other so as to guarantee a month´s  wages to one of those Saharan youths who have already become librarians at Bojador or Smara. However, we have decided that we must be daring and that your effort will enable for us to hire the first librarian at Dajla. You are just not aware of how much we value your efforts, your imagination to raise funds. It is true that the Basque Country has always been generous  as well as supportive, that what you have done has not been alien to you, such has been the climate that you have grown up to. Some of you may think that what you have done has not been big deal, that you might have achieved far more had you tried harder. But you have made a new library possible, together with other people´s efforts somewhere else.
Saharan youths are no abstract beings; neither are you. They are Bachir, Mahyuba, the same as you are Aitor, Aintzane or Maialen. And when you go to a library to borrow a book and you don´t know why it´s there or why the librarian is doing her work there, do please think that many a people once fought, risking their jobs and even their freedom, for there to be books both in Spanish and Basque, without any censorship or restrictions. There are people behind those shelves, dead or alive, silent heroes who have paved our ways to those libraries. Well, when Ebnu or Nuha make it to that library in Dajla and borrow a book in Spanish or Arabic, you will also become a voiceless, anonymous hero. I don´t know whether you will feel a breeze in your neck, the breath of someone from far away. But that breath will exist and so will you.

We will only be free if we know which path to choose. Your Saharan peers will be free because you will have provided them the map of all those paths.
It is on behalf of all our teachers, Bubisher´s two hundred members, on behalf of the students who have also contributed with their effort at all the schools of the state that we thank you.
This library will also be yours. Who knows whether you, or some of you, or even many of you will ever come over and see it, enjoy it. And also work in it, reading their first tale a Saharan child who will not be able to read it by themselves. Maybe one of your teachers will come over to teach techniques and ideas to the new librarian. Your Saharan friends will be only too pleased to welcome you and make tea under the stars. And there will be laughter and hugging. And our hug. Leid fi leidi: hand on hand.

Inés and Gozalo, on behalf of Bubisher.

We have invited Mr Shan Sei Fan, a chinese genealogist at school. Our students work on relationships with the chinese community in Tahiti and learn about their genealogy. It was a great moment !

Article publié dans la Dépêche de Tahiti le mercredi 19 Octobre 2016 n° 17231

And you can read the translation below

The Aorai Students Get to Know Their Forefathers
A warm welcome was awaiting Mr Louis Shan Sei Fan at Aorai High School yesterday morning. Expert in genealogy and family trees for the Chinese community in Tahiti, Mr Shan Sei Fan had come to guide the students who were looking for information about their ancestors.
Catherine Lusseau, history and geography teacher in charge of coordinating the programme Erasmus+ explains : « The students currently work, with our European partners, on the topic ‘The Relationships to the Others’. So we decided to collect information about the Chinese community in Tahiti and the way its members integrated the Polynesian society. The students are working on their genealogy in order to know who their ancestors were. The aim of this exercise is to show our partners that, following the Polynesian example, a multicultural society can prove to be tolerant and thus live peacefully. We may say French Polynesia is a sort of laboratory for the world.»
The topic of this European programme is entitled « It’s my life, it’s my choice ». Among the tenth and eleventh graders who met Louis Shan Sei Fan, one student found out that her ancestor came from Germany. He was a captain on board a whaling boat which called in at the Austral islands. « This type of exercise corresponds to the objective of the programme : being tolerant, live in peace », adds Catherine Lusseau. « An exhibition about the story of the Chinese community will take place next January for the Chinese New Year, The work prepared by the students will be posted online on the Erasmus + platform. »
 Meheitia Sandford, a fifteen-year-old grader says « I discovered that my ancestor’s name was Sun Ko. He arrived on Rurutu island in 1920. He came to open a grocery store. He belonged to the latest wave of Chinese immigrants. My parents told me about this historical part but they didn’t say anything about my ancestor. »
 Aorai High School and its partners, have also launched a health programme which is related to the Erasmus+ syllabus.
 Three students will go to Sweden next January, and three or four other students will travel to Spain in May, thus living the exciting adventure of meeting other people and learning other cultures. Hinaiarii Tamaititahio, a sixteen-year-old students in eleventh grade Literature says : « I discovered that I had a German ancestor » We made researches about our forefathers in order to know if they were Chinese. As for me, I found out that one of my ancestors was German. He was my great great grandfather. I don’t know his name but he was a captain on a whaling boat which came to Raivavae. I have just discovered that and I am quite surprised. »

                   Translated in English by Terminale GF students and Mrs. Macouin, their teacher

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

We have created a new webpage that describes the project and hopefully get´s us more attention in Uddevalla municipality

Follow the link if you want to visit our webpage! Send me some feedback if you think there is something more that I should add. Some of the writing is in swedish but use google translate if you want to read it all! Have a good day everyone!

The link:

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Erasmus on Swedish college

We went to the college in Trollhättan (Högskolan Väst is the name of it) to tell teacher-students about our project. We got many interesting questions and helped spread the word about this great project!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Diary from Turkey - Sweden


The trip from Sweden to Turkey was the best trip I have done. It was an interesting trip because I have learned much new things. There are a lot of new things that I have learned during the trip that I previously had no idea about. It's been fun to visit the historical sites and also the museum we were at.
This trip will have many memories of all the fun things that we have done. All all fan pictures we have takeed and when it came up a girl who ask to buy my sunglasses.
This is one of all the pictures I have taken. I thought it was very funny when they asked if they could take a picture too tougher with me. That was for the first time I felt a little bit famous.
This is an picture that the bus driver wanted to take on me, I do not know why. He asked it on Turkish so I did not understand what he meant first but then he show me what he meant. I was quite scared but still thought it was a funny thing.
This is another picture of a funny thing happened during the trip. It arrived a random man who worked at the market and asked me if I could take a picture of him when he was sitting there.
It has almost been only positive things of the trip.  There's somethings that have not been so good. The one thing was that I've moved around so much, I could live with three different families before we went home. But that was one positive thing about it was because that I got to see how the different families all lived, there were much difference between all the families I was with. So just that has been an experience.

But this trip is really something I want to do again!!!!!!!!

I´ve had lots of fun on the trip to Turkey. I´ve learned about new cultures, new languages and i´ve gotten to know new people. I now know more about Turkey and how the people there live their lives. They have a big food culture, when they eat they eat small portions of a lot of different food and they are not afraid to try new food.

I´ve also learned that it's important how you dress yourself. It is not many people that put on shorts or dresses etc like it is in sweden. I’am used to dress myself after what weather it is, so when i come to a country that is very hot i put on shorts, but the people there are not used to that.

The people from Turkey love their country very much. You can see the turkish flag  everywhere and they know very much about their history and the one who created Turkey. And they love to tell everyone about it and are very proud.

I lived with a lovely girl called Beyza. She lived with me when everyone came to sweden. I lived in a apartment with a beautiful view and it almost looked like a picture from Greece.

So my trip to Turkey has been amazing. I´ve met so many nice and kind people and i have so many memories and pictures and i think it has been a amazing experience

That first thing I want to say is that I have learned myself so many things like communicate with people that not speaking swedish or english, how spoiled we are in Sweden and how fun it can be to meet new people. I maybe not learned so much english that I would hope for but but that things that I did learn is awesome because no one can get things like this learned in school, like see how they live in their weeks and not just see how the tourist places are.

My thoughts about the journey is that I had very fun and the people in Turkey are very kind. The days was sometimes little more boring than other but that is live I guess. I liked when we students was together on the evenings and played games with each other. One thing that I didn't like was when our schedule was changed and we did other stuff to compare it.
Another thing that I didn’t like so much was the long bus trips we did because the heat and the days was ruined so we didn’t do so much after that. The weather was good but little to much clouds on the sky.

Maybe that I like most about Turkey is their food. I like their food because I like meat and the fruits was so sweet and delicious.    
My home was very good, I’ve got mine in room, they had nice toilets and a comfortable house just to be in. Where I lived compared to other it was pretty good.  

I think this journey is worth the time to do stuff like write and so on and it’s really worth the experience that you will get from this. I don’t regret anything from this trip.

I didn’t take so much pictures so I leave that to the other students.
That was my thoughts about this journey.
David Nilsson Sweden.

My experience in Turkey was very fun, and if I had the chance I would do it all over again. I learned a lot during my week in Turkey, such as how a Turkish school looked like. It was very different compared to mine, but then every school isn’t alike. The school in Turkey was just one building, compared to mine, it has several buildings so sometimes you have to go outside to go to another lesson. The nature was also a bit different, there were a lot of stray dogs and cats on the streets. Something I also learned that was different from Sweden is that they didn’t wear seatbelts while in the car. Because in Sweden there is a law that says you have to wear seatbelt.

I also learned that the people there were different levels of religious. Not everyone were very religious and some were.

Some good things about the trip is that you meet new people from other countries, which is really cool. You learn to be more independent and also how to be more social, which is important on a trip like this. You also learn more about another countries traditions.

Some bad stuff that happened in Turkey was that the principal didn’t want all of us to hangout on the evenings, because he didn’t want boys and girls to be around each other without any grown up watching. Probably so that any inappropriate stuff wouldn’t happen.
Ellen Berntsson

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Dutch students' experience in TAHITI (November 2015)

Made by: Bobby Fernando (The Netherlands)

Road to Tahiti....
On November 21, 2015: Dorra, Soraya and I are at 13:00 at the station, it was the beginning of a very long trip. Around 13:30 we took the train to the airport. we had checked in, then we have something to eating at the airport. Around 16:20 we flew to our first destination: Paris. 
After a flight of 8hours we arrived in Los Angeles. There it is then almost midnight. We stay there two hours. After two hours we fly to our last and final destination: Tahiti !!!!
Arrival in Tahiti
The next morning at 6:30 (tahitian time) we arrive in Tahiti, we are welcomed fantastic by the host families. A beautiful dance is done for us. Then we go with our host families. 
Sunday (Day 1)
After I meet Lucie (my host mate) went to her house, I meet the rest of her lovely family. We talked a bit and then to a kind of jungle have been there we walked around in a forest and drinking from coconut. It was really beautiful there.
Monday (Day 2)
Monday we went for the first time meet their school, at first I was nervous, but when I arrived once and everyone was super friendly, the nerves were gone. Everyone was very hospitable and it was very nice. Every country had to tell you about their culture. And every country had some candy out of his land. We had Dutch: Stroopwafels. Later that day we went even to the royal house and a beautiful garden which belonged. It was really beautiful.

Tuesday (Day 3)
Tuesday was the best day, that day went to another island called: Moorea. We went by boat, it took 30 minutes to arrive there. When we arrived there were picked up by a bus and went to a small island of Moorea. We have the whole day swimming with sting rays and fish in beautiful blue water.
Wednesday (Day 4)
Wednesday was Polynesia day, which is a traditional festival day. That day there was dancing a lot and we made fun games, you could play the guitar a kind of drumming and naturally from coconut drink haha , there was also a kind of run round with heavy stuff.
Thursday (Day 5)
Thursday we all went walking to the top of the mountain ,it took quite a while and it was a lot of walking there were many pieces of bumpy but luckily everyone was well on top of the mountain, from there you had a beautiful view.
Friday (Day 6)
Friday we had school until 12:00that afternoon we went with the mall to the city. In the city we all nice souvernir bought our family home and we went to MacDonald's. That evening we had a very nice dinner in the royal house. We got a tour there and then we have a room where we sang a song. Then, eaten and everybody went home with their host families. 
Saturday (Day 7)
Saturday we had the hole day a bus tour on beautiful places whenever we stopped, for example, something to eat, to drink, to go to the toilet or to swim. The tour lasted about seven hours. At the end of the day we all have received a gift from the person we slept. When the first tears fell though...
Sunday (Last Day)
Sunday we had to be very early at the airport, it was the last time we were with them all. We said goodbye  to each other most of the crying. It was a shame because it really was a fantastic week that I'm never forget. Finally, we have all what lovingly written on each shirt. After we said good bye to every one names we checked in. Wipe our own country.
I'm Dora Donia pupil SC-Delfland. I'm 15 yrs.
I went with my teachers to Tahiti because our school is participating in a project Erasmus. My journey began at home with my parents to Amsterdam where I was waiting for mr.Tas, mr Diggele and mr. Beets and other students (Bobby 15 years and Soraya 16years) because they arrived by train from Delft to Schiphol it only took 5 minutes and then they were there, I said goodbye to my parents and my cousin after we have already our passports data check.
and we have some dinner together at Schiphol Then we went running toward our plane to our first flight from the Netherlands to Paris, 1hr 15 min flight. Then we grabbed our next flight to Los Angeles, I really thought oh wow Los Angeles, I was very nervous it was flying very long but really big airplane with TV’s not get bored and beautiful view it was really long flights, but they were very nice and we were given blankets and pillows to sleep. After having flown 12uurtjes we were tired of it and we were finally landed at Los Angeles International Airport very tight security and very large. Then we had the custom shoes jacket jewelry all issue and then we were allowed to walk for an hour at the airport waiting for our last flight to Tahiti Our final destination. And then just fly 8hrs 35min but not so bad hey all a total of 21 hours just flew one day.
Finally in Tahiti arrived warm quickly change clothes packed our bags in our summer clothes and there they were all our host families they have us welcome nice with garlands itself I made took leave of me teachers and Soraya and Bobby wanted a lot of fun with their new family them also I me could handle fast with the family because I had with them English to communicate but the island also they speak also French and I talk myself French family was very sweet and open I felt right at home but I was so tired that I 2uurtjes as sleep started to overtake and we arrived at 7 am in the morning. When 9am was I watched as everything they lived very nicely right on the mountain you have wonderful views of the city and the sea really wow if I just looked window from me a dream and they had all the big garden they had two dogs and chickens and chicks.
Añadir leyenda
They also had a jobs boom and all fresh fruits and vegetables really good but their specialty is fish. The girl I was called Hinehei and she explained to me everything about the island and their habits and their school culture that they danced a lot and that her mother herself was a dancer and her father himself is a fisherman I really enjoyed it I have with sharks and stingrays swimming in beautiful blue water I ate every day tasty and healthy, lots of fun activities and learned of their beautiful culture and smattering it was worth it to have so much flying and when I went back home it was or an emotional farewell, I am grateful for everything it was great.

My name is Soraya Mastenbroek and i’m 16 jears old.
I’m following an aducetion Sc Delfland.
Our school took part in an exchange project that’s called : It’s my life it’s my choice.
To get her with Bobby and Dorra we were choisen to go to Tahiti in November 21 in the year 2015.
I was very excited to go, but at the same time I was also afraid because it was my first time I was took part in such an progamandit was my first time on a airplaine.
Afther on flight of 29 hour’s we had landed on Tahiti.
We also had a very warm welcome.
I didn’t really know what to expect of Tahiti but it was more beautiful then I could have imagined.
We had a lot to do for example we went swimming and we played games.
We also went for an hike to the volcano and we really enjoyed the view on top of the volcano.
A few day’s after the hike we went snorkelling on the other island named: Moorea.
We arrived whit a giant boat and on the way there i’ve seen Dolphins.
Also when we were snorkeling I had seen shark’s, sting-ray’s and a lot of fish.
On school day’s we had a llot of fun activities, for example we had to weave bamboe basket’s.
I’ve learned a lot about Tahiti and their way’s of live, their culture and origen.
For me it was very special i’t s someting I wont forget eny time soon.
If I ever get the chance to go there again I would take it whit both hand’s.
This was the most fun experience of my life and I will never forget Tahiti and all the friends i’ve made over there.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Our 7th graders made a presentation for the younger students. 

The students talked about eating healthier meals and about habits on the internet. They talked about dangers with social media and how, and with whom, you present yourself on the internet.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

``We´re getting on with our challenge. Laudio Secondary School Project and Erasmus+ Project´´.

These days the participants in our `It´s my Life- It´s my choice´ Erasmus+ Project  at IES LAUDIO BHI in the Basque Country are engaged in several activities which are intended to accomplish our challenge: raise the funds for one year´s wages of a librarian at Tinduf refugee camps in Sahara.
For weeks the students have taken turns bringing the omelets they make at home and selling them among schoolmates and teachers craving for a portion at break time.

At the same time we have been selling tickets for a raffle which will take place on March 18, when the traditional Friday of Sorrows fair will be held in our town.

After expenses, almost €500 has been raised by now with these two actions, which is making our goal close to come true.

Besides, there are other ideas which are being considered. One of these is turning cork bottle tops into caring key rings. The cork tops have been provided by `Victor y Amorim´ company from Navarrete (La Rioja), who have recently started collaborating with the project as associated partners.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Theatre in Sweden.

Our students have visited a theatre. It was about power and how you can use it. In both good and bad ways. Very good and the students liked it alot! Here you can visit the homepage:

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Basque Students in TAHITI


Thanks to the Erasmus+ project, this year I have had the opportunity of travelling to Tahiti with three other students like me.
We stayed there for a week with a host family, so we had the chance of living a normal Tahitian lifestyle.

The journey started in the airport of Bilbo; from there we had to take a plane to Paris, then another one to Los Angeles and a final one to Papeete (Tahiti).
We travelled for almost one day and a half, but it was very funny as one of us had never ever flown before, so she was really nervous!!

When we reached to Tahiti they made us a welcome with their typical dances, and they also put us some flower crowns and necklaces.
After meeting all the students from the project I went to my host’s home. There she introduced me to her family and after having lunch they took me to a local market where she explained me about their culture. She also showed me how there are a lot of islands and how each of them has different traditions; dances, clothes,...

The second day we went to school, there I finished meeting all the Erasmus+ students and I also had to present my country with the students that came with me from the Basque Country.      
The TV also came that day to record the school, students and teachers.

During the week, the school took us to a lot of beautiful places; we went to Moorea (an island close to Tahiti) where we had the chance of swimming with sharks and manta rays; we also went to a spectacular inner garden with lots of flowers and a pond full of fishes where we played a game similar to memory… ; and they also took us to a park where we played football for almost all the afternoon…
My favorite day was the Polynesian day; we did not go anywhere but I had a lot of fun.
That day the school had prepared some activities for the students of all the school. In the morning we learned how to do flower crowns, how to prepare raw fish, how to play the ukulele and the drums...
And in the afternoon we played to different games from each country.

It was a fantastic experience and I would absolutely repeat it again!! By Naroa López De Abetxuko

"For me this trip to Tahiti has been one of the best experiences in my life. It gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of different things like other cultures and languages, different lifestyles,... and it also gave me the chance to practice English.

Tahiti is so far from my own country...and it is very different in many things, for example the food: Before going there I had never eaten raw fish, I thought I wasn't going to like it, but now, I know it is DELICIOUS. People from Tahiti are different too, they are more open than here , I made a lot of friends. The island is very different too, the plants, the mountains, the colour of the sea... the beaches. I really enjoyed it !" By Martzeli Perurena

"Going to Tahiti was an amazing experience. I have to say that what I expected was ... going to the beach every day and having good weather. Obviously, Tahiti was not exactly like that.

It was a small island with very nice people and very hot. I really had a good time there, I met a lot of new people and I also learnt about different cultures.

I enjoyed a lot the activities we did there, all the activities!. Every day we had something prepared to do . But the activities I liked the most were the trip to Moorea (where we swam with sharks, also the trip by boat was very funny), and the Polynesian Day at the school (There were a lot of activities to do, I enjoyed it a lot!) "By Nagore Fresno. 

"The trip to Tahiti has been an unforgettable experience. I have really enjoyed the stay there since the people were lovely and very pleasant. I have made a lot of good friends and I am missing them a lot.
I was very happy with my host family, they gave me a good accommodation and they were very kind to me. They made this week one of the best weeks in my life.
On the other hand I have learnt many things, for example that the culture and habits are very different from ours.

We did a lot of excursions, the last one was very nice because they took us on a day tour around the island, we visited many beaches, caves, waterfalls,... the bad thing was that it rained all day, but it was funny.

Apart from the good friends that we made, my favourite thing of being in Tahiti was the trip to Moorea. I love the island because it resembles me the idea of The Paradise. I enjoyed a lot because we visited a lagoonarium and we swam with sharks and rays and other fish, we also fed them. It was an incredible experience." By Nerea Martín