Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. For us, as teachers, our daily work involves institutionalized teaching and learning in relation to a curriculum but we can’t forget that any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. It’s here where our Erasmus+ project fits, preparing students for life as active citizens.

This is the blog specially created for the ERASMUS+ project called It's my life, it's my choice Here there are the 5 EUROPEAN schools working together in this challenger adventure:

1- The Coordinator school: LAUDIO BHI from The Basque Country (Spain)
2.- GROTIUSCOLLEGE, Delft (The Netherlands)
3.- NORGARDENSKOLAN, Uddevalla (Sweden)
5.- LYCEE AORAI, Pirae (French Polynesia)

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Organic farming in our school garden. Turkey

About more healthy food, we have created organic farming field in our school garden. We even built a kind of drop watering system. We'll continue to this for three years. Next year in May, when you arrive here, it will be the time for second planting  so we can plant vegetables even together with all the participants. It would be great.
Our students and teachers have planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, black eyed peas, squashes, melons, water melons and beans in our school garden.
We are aiming the second planting along with the students and the teachers who will come from Basque Country, Holland, Sweden and Tahiti, in organic farming area in our school garden that prepared as part of Erasmus + KA2 strategic partnership within the schools that called ‘‘It's My Life It 's My Choice ’’  project, at the May 2016.    
Greetings from Turkey.....

Celalettin Topçu Anadolu Lisesi
Project Coordinator 
Zahide Yapucu

Friday, 12 June 2015

After Sweden, Turkey in 2016

Sweden(Uddevalla) mobility of our students and teachers 17-23 May 2015


       Our project works are going very well. I prepared a presentation for Turkish stand in Sweden. We had a nice dialogue with all partner schools' students. Lots of love.....
(Beyzanur Gülsün, student)        
I attended the meeting in Sweden in May 2015. I and my friends from Turkey had met in the wiki and chatted more than a month so when we arrived in Sweden we felt as if we had known each other for a long time. I had a good communication with other participant students. We created a group in ''Whatsup'' and are still chatting via internet. It is honor for me to be a part of such kind of projets.
        I learned to cook different dishes from a diffirent culture. We had special Swedish actvities. Also we had different school applications such as I had my hair cut by one of host friend. I had a responsibility in the presentation of Turkey in stand space of Turkey. I'm looking forward to my friends from Tahiti, Netherlands, Sweden, The Basque Country coming to the meeting in Turkey in May 2016.
Love from Turkey to all of you.
(Selin Özkan, student)

Hollanda(Delf) mobility of our students and teachers 22-28 March 2015


Thursday, 11 June 2015

                          It’s My Life  It’s My Choice                         
Okulumuz  Erasmus+ KA2 stratejik okul ortaklığı kapsamındaki  '' It's my life it's my choice'' adlı projenin Türkiye’deki ortağıdır.  İspanya(Bask country), Hollanda, İsveç ve Fransa'(Tahiti)dan okulların bulunduğu projede Türkiye'den Ezine Celalettin Topçu Anadolu Lisesi yer almaktadır. Proje 01/09/2014 tarihinde başlamış olup 31/08/2017 tarihine kadar olan süreyi içerecek  üç yıllık bir projedir.
Bu üç yıl içinde ortaklarımızla öğretmen ve öğrencilerden oluşan küçük gruplarla karşılıklı ziyaretler yapılacaktır. Projenin sağlık, yiyecekler ve sağlıklı insan ilişkileri olmak üzere üç temel konusu bulunmaktadır. Proje,öğrencilerin farklı kültürleri ve yaşam şekillerini tanıyarak yaşam becerilerini geliştirmek ve geleceklerine katkı sağlamayı amaçlamaktadır. Öğrencilere proje kapsamında yapılan etkinliklerle, wiki, blog kullanımları, karşılıklı iletişim halinde olmaları ve karşılıklı ziyaretler sayesinde, sorun çözme becerilerini geliştirmeleri , eleştirel düşünebilmeleri, analiz yapabilme gibi çeşitli becerilerin kazandırılması hedeflemektedir. Ayrıca öğrencilere bu proje ile sosyal sorumluluk, kültürel farkındalık ve aktif vatandaşlık eğitimi de kazandırılması hedeflenmiştir.
Sağlık eğitimi kapsamında öğrencilerin, sağlıklı yaşam hakkındaki bilgilerinin artırılıp, tutumlarını etkileyerek, daha sağlıklı olmaları hedeflenmektedir.
 Yiyecekler konusunda da öğrencilere, yedikleri yiyeceklerin özünün ne olduğunu, nerede yetiştirilip, üretildiğini ve insan sağlığı üzerindeki etkilerinin neler olduğu konusunda bilinçlendirmektir. Böylelikle öğrenciler  yiyeceklerin seçiminde,  nereden ve nasıl alınacağı konusunda kendi kararlarını verebilecek duruma geleceklerdir. Sağlıklı beslenme ve organik tarımın önemi ve teşviki ile ilgili çalışmalar yapılacaktır.
 Sağlıklı insan ilişkileri kapsamında da öğrencilerimizin diğer ülkeleri ziyaret etmeleri, wiki, blog kullanımalarıyla karşılıklı iletişim kurmaları sağlanarak, kültürel farkındalık kazanmaları ve iletişim becerilerinin geliştirilmesi hedeflenmiştir. Öğrenciler kendi kültürlerini tanıtmayı üstleneceğinden kendi kültürleri hakkında da daha fazla bilgiye sahip olacaklardır. Etkinliklerde görev alan öğrencilerin hem sorumluluk bilinçlerinin geliştirilmesi hem de okula karşı tutumları ve motivasyonlarının olumlu yönde etkilenmesi amaçlanmıştır.  

Celalettin Topçu Anadolu Lisesi
Okul Proje Kordinatörü


Les élèves du lycée Aorai se rendront en Turquie en 2016

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Après la Suède, les lycéens d'Aorai auront la chance de partir en Turquie en 2016. Un séjour qui entre dans le cadre du programme Eramus +. Les ultramarins devraient d'ailleurs bénéficier d’aides supplémentaires concernant les dispositifs Erasmus.
© DR
    La Suède en 2015, la Turquie en 2016, l’Espagne en 2017... Les élèves du lycée Aorai ont de beaux voyages éducatifs en perspective. Ces séjours en Europe entrent dans le cadre du programme Eramus +. Le commissaire européen en charge de l'éducation s'est d'ailleurs engagé à renforcer les aides de ces dispositifs Erasmus pour les ultramarins.

    Les parlementaires européens des régions d’Outremer avaient demandé au commissaire européen d’améliorer la prise en charge de ces étudiants pénalisés par la distance séparant leur région de l’Europe continentale. Une demande qui sera honorée dès l’année prochaine puisque les aides, déjà majorées en Outremer, devraient être revues à la hausse.

    Autre évolution, et de taille : depuis octobre dernier, le programme Erasmus + ne se limite plus à l’Europe, et s’ouvre désormais à tous les pays du monde, y compris ceux qui se frontaliers des régions d’Outremer.

    Écoutez les précisions de notre correspondante à Paris, Tessa Grauman

    Les élèves du lycée Aorai se rendront en Turquie en 2016 - p

    Écoutez Antoine Godbert, le président d’Erasmus +, interrogé par Tessa Grauman

    Tuesday, 9 June 2015

    Basque Team in UDDEVALLA (May 2015)

    " My experience in Sweden was amazing in all the senses. I learnt a lot there, but not just in the sense of learning English or other cultures. I have learnt how to accept different people,… how to overcome to be far away from home and resist to the desire to return there. How to swallow the surprise of finding something you expected different.

     It’s been so great to meet people I was looking forward to meet after months contacting them by social networks, and to meet others I had never seen before, but that were very nice at the same time.
    I have learnt to be patient. Because things are not how they begin, they’re how they end. Maybe it wasn’t the first impression and you just have to wait, maybe a day or two or maybe, more, but finally something happens, something changes your mind,
    maybe just a laugh or a simple look, or a stupid joke, something that makes you connect with somebody you thought you hadn’t anything in common, just because you hoped another thing and you closed your eyes to new things, but that moment is when you realize you’re starting to feel you’re home. It’s been a pleasure to be there and to know I may have done friends for life or at least I’ve met people. I will never ever forget. I’ve seen a different and beautiful country and live that experience with friends who I can now consider family. Much fun and great moments. I’ll keep for the rest of my life and that I hope to live again someday." By Paula Rodríguez

    "I travelled to Sweden in May 2015. This trip was a very good experience for me. I had an enjoyable and nice week in Uddevalla. I met many students from different countries and I had the chance to learn other cultures and languages. I improved my English, we had many activities like cooking a Swedish "kanelbullar", have a picnic, visit a zoo, stroll in a boat...Iearnt a lot of things from this project. .../... I like my host family, Ellinor, the family the sister,... they were so nice and sweet !!! I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!"  By Maider Martín

    "My experience about our trip to Sweden has been very special. Before going there I thought that these kind of trips were only to practice Englsh, but after going there, now,  I think that they are much more things than just practicing a foreign language.
    I have been living  a week whith a very polite and special family and I have learnt a lot from their way of life and from the Swedish culture. I've also made friends from all over the world and learnt a lot of things about them and the way they are.
    In my opinion this project is more than just going to another country and live with them, it is a trip that helps you to know how people and things are like out of your own country. I'll remember it all my life." By Julen García

    I think I had a really good opportunity going to Uddevalla (Sweden), it has been a perfect week making new friends, having good time… and a good experience I will never forget. I have learnt a lot of things there, I haven’t only practiced English, I met people from other countries I didn’t know before and I learnt more about their cultures, languages, free time…

    The first day, when we arrive to Uddevalla, I was all the time quiet, I was as a shy person. But while days passed I realized that the trip was for enjoying, practicing English and meeting people from other countries. A teacher that went with students from The Basque Country to Sweden said to us: “You are very lucky to come here. You have to enjoy it to the limit because days pass quickly and the last day you won’t want to return home”. She was quite right.
    Sweden is a beautiful place to visit, with amazing landscapes and people. I recommend it. 
    What can I say about the family? They are very nice, all the time asking me if I would like something and doing things with me to be more comfortable. I’ve made big friendships with some people, especially with my host girl, Linnea. She’s amazing in all the senses. Linnea is like the older sister I have never had. 
    When I left Sweden I feel so bad because I won’t be able to see my new friends for a long time. I’d like to return to Sweden.
                                                                               By Eukene Picaza.

    Our mobility to Delft in Holland 22-28 marsch 2015.

    Participating students: Lova Skarin, Arabelle Hendrikson, Sabina Barringh, Evelina Larsson, Arvid Jantén och Alison Silveira. Writer: Evelina Larsson
    Participating teachers: Tina Johansson och Helena Hibell

    Sunday, March 22, we packed the last of our bags. Then it was time to come together at half past eight at the school, to head to the airport. In the car on the way to the airport we were very nervous it but released a little when we got to the airport. Once we were at the airport we waved goodbye to parents and checked in our bags. There were many thoughts flying around in our heads, we were very excited and looking forward to meet our host families. Thoughts about how the family looks and works, would they be nice or nasty? How are we going to sleep? Should we share a room with someone you barely know.

    The week in Holland was very funny, we found the mass of stuff that was fun. We met many Dutch students who we got to know and got the chance to meet again during the Erasmus week in Sweden.
    The schedule we had in Holland was filled with activities, it was something every day and many days were quite long to play dragged on. When we then came home to the host family we where very tired and did almost nothing.

    It was funny to see how the Dutch school worked, it was very different comparing to Norgården. Delftland, as the school was called, it went almost twice as many students here. There were students everywhere who joked with each other and one of the Dutch teachers said they had quite a few samples during the time we were there which made it an even higher level.

    Holland's school system was very different than ours. They do not have pre-school class- grade 9, but they have a completely different system. Tex in Holland you start school when they are three years old. In the Netherlands offered no food to students. Like we have here in Sweden. They must bring a packed lunch each day. Lunch box consisted of sandwiches, juice and something sweet like a cookie. It was very strange for us Swedish students who are accustomed to getting hot meals at school.

    On Monday we came to school at 8:30 and had a technology lesson with all Erasmus students. In this lesson, we built robot brushes. We glued a battery on the brush and connected it to a motor which allowed the robot to move itself. When everyone had finished building their robots, there were different things you could do, you could have a speed test where you could see the robot who was fastest. One could even paint with the brush, dip it in the paint and letting it move itself on paper. 

    Later in the afternoon went all students and teachers and for bowling. We split into two groups, one receiving the bowl while the other group rode around on a large scooter and had a little sightseeing in Delft. And after an hour we changed so that everyone got bowling and cycling. 

    On Tuesday we went skating in a very large ice rink. It was just the Swedish students Turkish students and the basque  students who skated. The Dutch students were "on stage". Students had the chance to visit a workplace where they can learn about the profession they want when they are adults.
    We Swedish pupils were clearly the best in skating. They were a bit funny to see the Turkish students wearing a pair of skates, they were much like Bambi on slippery ice.

    After skating we went to The Hague  where we got the opportunity to shop and eat lunch. After that  we went to a museum that used to be an old prison. We walked  into the various cells and how they were living there. If you were rich and were more powerful you got a cell with a large bed and books to read while you were poor, you had to share the cell with 15 other prisoners.

    On Wednesday we went to a big zoo. We saw all kinds of animals that you normally had not seen, like polar bears, penguins and rhinos.

    After we had been at the Zoo all  students went back to school and had home economics lesson. Our task was to choose a fast food restaurant and a menu and make it useful. We got split up into several groups of three or four in each group, the goal was that it would be a student from each country so that they had to speak English. We had to write a prescription of the ingredients and how we would proceed to cook the food. It was actually, we Swedish students who had to take most of the responsibility and explain to the rest of the group about what is useful and what we should do.
    On Thursday we had a sports day. The Dutch teachers had arranged many different sports that we had to do, an activity was to make the Twister, another was that you had to run through a "jungle". The jungle was like an inflatable bouncy castle, where there were various obstacles would take over and then rush back to their team. There was 5st different stations with different activities you did and at each station where the 10 minutes.

    After the sports activities we had time, we ended about 11 o'clock and we would be at school again klockan18. When the clock struck 18, were all students, host families and teachers together to eat the food that we had arrived at on Wednesday. It was the teachers and some students who had prepared the food when we others had leisure. There was a lot of food to choose from and everything tasted very good.

     At half past nine in the Friday morning were all students at the school to take a bus to the Snow World. We could choose  snowboarding or skiing. We had, of course, the help of several instructors, they showed us how to do when you went snowboarding, and most important of all- how to get up if you fell. Most probably thought it was funny although it could easily fell and got wet in the butt.

    Saturday was the last day in Holland. It was a little sad, but at the same time we could look forward  to coming back home to Sweden. We gathered at the Delft station 6:45 to take a direct train to the airport. Then it was time to say goodbye to the host families and  thanks for this week.
    The week was really fun, we met new friends- not only from the Netherlands, the Basque country and Turkey but also we Swedish students came tighter together and became friends. It was a very exciting experience that we will not forget. If you get the chance to be involved in a similar project, we think you should take it.